‘The Nature of the Beast’ Revisited

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It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year and a half since writing “The Nature of the Beast,” a four-part series on heroin and opioid addiction in Snohomish County, Washington. If you never had a chance to read it before, take some time. The problem has grown since writing these stories.

This is really the last long form writing project I did before getting out of the newspaper business and moving into broadcast journalism.

“Because he is a very dark-skinned young man with a Latino surname…”

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Bellingham police are under fire after the arrest of 15-year-old illegal immigrant, Alfredo Juarez, and his subsequent detention by border agents at a Tacoma facility.

Latino advocates say his arrest was because he is a young Latino with dark skin and a Latino surname.  Authorities say it is because he lied about being a legal adult, gave a false last name, could not produce identification and was in the country illegally.

Bob Vanderyacht, Bellingham Police Department: “Is there valid cause for concern?”

Interview: Maru Maro-Villalpando, Latino Advocacy

This story was originally produced for KGMI NewsTalk 790

Bellingham hospital cutting down on blood transfusions

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My research in the field of patient blood management (PBM) takes me to Peacehealth St. Joseph Medical Center, where I speak with the hospital’s blood utilization committee.  The hospital is making amazing strides in their efforts to cut down on blood transfusions, minimizing blood loss and patient risk:

Jan B. Wade, a PBM consultant,  speaks about the benefits of PBM to the patient’s health, as well as the hospital’s bank account:

(This story was originally produced for KGMI NewsTalk 790)